Reflexology in Bath & Wiltshire

For those of you unfamiliar with Reflexology, here is a brief explanation.

You will see that it is entirely non-invasive and works alongside more traditional medicine, supporting and complementing it. I actively encourage my clients to consult their GP when ill. I see my role as offering the patient a choice: some people prefer to try a holistic approach before going down the road of traditional medicine. They will try Reflexology and decide if it offers them the relief they seek. Others like to see me whilst following their doctor’s advice, finding my method a relaxing therapy which reduces tension and stress, delivering a feeling of well-being. Reflexology  does not claim to be a cure-all, although many of my clients will bear witness to huge improvements in their conditions.

For the Reflexologist, all parts of the body are represented on the feet: the right foot corresponds to the right side of the body; the left foot corresponds to the left side. (In some cases, the Reflexologist may treat the hands rather than the feet.) The whole body is, therefore, mapped out for the Reflexologist to work on in such a way that she can treat the whole body, as well as treating the body as a whole. Each area of the foot is called a ‘reflex’ area and all are covered every time you visit. In addition, the feet (and therefore the body) are divided up into zones, which facilitate the treatment order.

Homeostasis - the body being in a state of optimal balance -  and the elimination of toxins are my aims. Our bodies are really rather good at looking after themselves a lot of the time and my work on your feet strives to achieve this balance and help the body to help itself.