What will my visit be like?

Your first visit to me will be the longest, as I will take a detailed medical history and explain the session to you. You will then be asked either to lie down, or to use a recliner chair and remove your socks and shoes. At this point I will examine your feet and then, using Calendula powder as a facilitator, begin with precise massage movements. I use primarily the end and sides of my thumbs, applying a firm pressure to cover all areas of your feet. Sometimes my fingers will also be used, to support your feet and toes.

The importance of the feet as barometers of the state of the body and one’s general health has long been acknowledged, and Reflexology exploits this link to your advantage. Areas that correspond to parts of the body which are out of balance will feel tender, or maybe scrunchy, when massaged. I will note these down and use them to build up a picture of your state of health, increasing the energy flow and improving circulation. As a trained practitioner, I am well aware that the sensitivity of the feet varies some person to person: you need not worry that this will be painful, not that it will be in any way ticklish!

Once I have covered all the reflex areas, I return to those needing more attention, before finishing the session with a breathing exercise and, if desired, application of an organic moisturising cream. Your feet will feel warmer; you will feel relaxed.

Some clients find that the eliminating systems of the body are more active following a Reflexology session, as unwanted toxins are flushed out. These should not last very long, and you will be encouraged to drink plenty of water to aid this.

A first visit to me includes a consultation and is a little longer than normal sessions; thereafter roughly an hour is usual. The number of treatments required varies considerably, depending on the condition(s) being treated, and full feedback from the client to the practitioner is of great help in determining the next steps. Clients are made to feel very welcome at my practice in Corsham, Wiltshire.